This adaptive reuse project intervenes in an existing pump from 1859 that provided water to the city of Copenhagen in the past. Its unique historical place seemed to be perfect to host a new Contemporary Art Museum in Copenhagen. Furthermore, the integration of a public garden on this location provides an oasis to escape the hustle and bustle from the city center.

 With the design of a path through different platforms, the visitors get different experiences while they walk throw the whole park. There, they have the possibility to relax, observe, stay, create, take a coffee, socialize or simply get inspired by the museum visit. The addition of vegetation isolates acoustically this inner garden. Moreover this pleasant space counts with a reflecting pool that brings a fresh environment as well as beautiful reflections inside the exhibition space.


Inside, the concept was to keep an empty space which would allow more flexibility to the temporary exhibitions. Nevertheless, the addition of a permanent platform would add an extra value in the visitors’ approach; it will offer other perspectives to look at the exhibited art.

In order to have a controlled natural light, the roof of this main exhibition space will open to the north. In this way, the indirect light won´t damage the art. At the same time, when the visitors enter this space, they will perceive its openness and light. The roof openings are oriented in such a way that only from the entrance there is a visual connection with the sky.


To complete the museum program two structures in glass would be added:
- The connecting hall, which allows a fluid transition through the existing blocks (where the exhibition will be allocated)
- The auditorium, open in the garden, accessible from the outside, but also from the main exhibition space.