This urban project focuses on a problematic area from one of the main avenues of La Havana, Carlos III. In order to enable pedestrians to make use of this cross point with so many traffic problems, the old Carlos III‘s road is buried underground. This gives room to the creation of a big park that connects both sides of the former road, and leads to the top of the hill where “el Castillo del Príncipe” is located.

Importance is given to a big parallel avenue that connects the main street “G” with “the Revolution Square” (one of the most important spaces in the city).

One can climb the hill through a series of ramps and stairs that are situated between several platforms, where visitors can stay while they enjoy the views. Those platforms continue appearing in the lower park, where different activities can occur.

This project was created during a workshop session in La Havana, together with students from Cuba, and the University of Seville.