This agricultural infrastructure from the 18th century is a protected site of cultural interest from the South of Spain. The building, called Cortijo del Fraile, has a great history. Some of the event taking place there were the basis of the book ‘Blood Wedding’ by the famous Spanish writer Federico García Lorca. The building also served as a stage to several western movies like, between others, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.

 Now, almost in ruins, we propose its renovation it in order to keep it alive. This intervention is an adaptive reuse case that brings a new use to the structure. With an artistic program inside, a small number of artist would be allowed to come to this center to create and exchange their experiences. 
In this way, they strengthen their creativity, getting inspired by each other and especially by the natural protected area in which the building is located. The artists also have the opportunity to produce their work with natural resources and materials from in this region.